Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How many cans...

Well well,
tonight turned out to be one of the best nights Ive had in quite some time...regardless of if my friends had a shitty night or not.
I saw minus the bear again (one of my top 5 bands ever). It was the first time I had seen them as a single man and it was better than ever I think...different at least. I got 5 free packs of smokes, a free zippo and a free shirt (which I will never wear...do i look an xl). But the shining moment of the evening was minus the bear buying me 2 shots of jack...really, Im not sure Ive ever felt cooler (im sure I have....but this was up there). 
Sadly, I felt like the oldest dude at the show (and Im sure I was close to it) and the girls wearing six inch heels trying to figure out who the uhaul driver for the band was (just so they could get closer to the band) really put a damper on my night...
Another thing that put said damper on my night was losing a very drunk angela half way throug the show and not finding her until, at least, an hour after the show. Something had pissed her off (when doesnt something...I speak like you know the girl) and she decided to leave halfway through mtbs set...meh, as I often say all's well that ends well...although Im still waiting to hear that she got home safely.
As always, Im drunk. Tonight Im in a great mood(despite having drank PBR most of the night) and Im feeling all kinds of optimistic about my life.
That is all, Im gonna eat my sandwich now.

PS. mtb played "I lost all my money at the cockfights" tonight, it was the first time I had heard it live and, in case you dont know, that song describes my life (or possibly just my drunken mindset) more than any song ever...it was glorious

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Im drunk....but i have nothing bad to say...tonight was a good night for a number of reasons...none of which I can say without offending someone, im sure. haha gas chambers and death trains.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Let's try it this way

This is my pre drinking blog. As in Im not drinking yet. I woke up to a surprise blog post, surprise IM conversation (embarassing too), and surprise...an empty fifth of captain. So I decided to try this sober for once. 
I started my new job today, Im back in the pizza business, but it's temporary (two months temporary) and knowing that Im moving and going back to school soonish makes this whole situation a lot easier to swallow. 
Im boring when Im sober, Ill be back in a few hours.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The shyest attempt I'd ever seen at conversation

Im kinda drunk...It was my dads birthday today, he is 50...ive been around for half of his life now.
So anyway, Im moving come the end of december, and no matter what Im going to be living with an ex girlfriend, Im not sure how I feel about that. Right now it feels like Ive slept with everyone Ive ever known...
I should stop I have to work in the AM....that's right, Ive got a job....and a dog named doug who pisses on my floor...that's right Ive got a floor...so what, so what, so what?!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I live in the buckeye state but Im living Garden State

What the fuck...Ive been unable to sign into this for weeks and suddenly Im automatically signed in...whatev
So...I have a few things to say.
For the first time since mallory and I broke up I feel hopeful about my future, the last...5 months (jesus god) my main focus has been not dying and/or killing myself. Now I have something that resembles a plan for the future, I wont go into great detail until its more certain but it involves school (not in columbus) and moving...weeee.
I had the best conversation I may have ever had with my mother tonight...I was completely sober, completely honest and completely blown away by her understanding....or acceptance either way it was really great. I had 2 really good conversations today now that i think about it. I really think that me and my mom could, as a team, be the smartest person in any room we enter together (if that makes any sense)....enough about my mom, im a 24 year old man....right?
Ugh I realized so many things today that I shouldve realized months ago...I suppose everybody works at their own pace...and while I was sober earlier, I certainly am not now so gathering my thoughts is a chore.
The last month has been shit...the months upcoming should be better...and there is no way 2009 can be possibly worse than 2008.
Heather and I are done, I blew her off too many times I suppose, I am in no way ready for a relationship anyway...Im pretty sure she isnt either...and, yea, she is pretty hot but I just cant deal with hearing about animals 9/10s of the time we are talking...for real...I dont give a shit (sorry if you read this...but really, try to think of something more interesting to say to the next guy you try to date)

I was pulled over this week by a dude I went to high school with....what the fuck, Where is natalie portman...and why isnt she falling in love with me yet?

that is all for now

Sunday, September 21, 2008


There's nothing like a giant guilt trip on your birthday...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

For all Intents and Purposes

I only had 3 drinks tonight, which is pretty much equivalent to me not drinking at all. It also seems to be the equivalent of me blowing an 8-ball of coke seeing as Im still up, again, at 3:20am. I need to sleep. 
It's my friend Marty's birthday tonight/today (the 18th) so happy birthday to him. 
Im thinking about diving into a new computer repair project right now just to keep me occupied and perhaps make me tired...maybe, please?
I feel like even my writing is taking a turn for the insane right now...I dont deal well with sleep deprivation but I also apparently dont deal well with trying force sleep...blah....more when Im clear-headed